Saffron Eyes

She was a girl with saffron eyes
Full to the brim with hope and lies
Might've hid my light under her bushel for awhile
But if you'd seen that girl, you'd have probably done the same

Living gets hard, then living's reversed
Unless you're living your life like your living's rehearsed
She drained me bone-dry, but she was empty first
That girl ain't got nothing left but pain

All my seasons come to change
Barren fruit that never meant too much to me anyway
But I realize, I realize what it takes
It just takes the next girl to take my breath away

She was a girl with a rabid smile
Just another stop on a ragged-ass mile
Could've been better, but at least she had style
Would've been nice if she'd had any class

I'm floating on by like everything's fine
Not much of a life, but at least it was mine
Have you ever felt like a stranger to time
When it hurts too bad to remember your past?

All my signals have gone dead
I'm trying to forget every word she ever said
Hate to love what's in my head
But it won't take more than the next girl I take to my bed

She was a nice distraction then
Just like every other place I've been
I'd do things differently if I had her to do again
Like I'd be gone before she woke up the next morning

All my sorrows in a sack
Pile them high upon my back
I'll live longer if my heart never gets attacked
But it won't take more than the next girl, the next girl, the next girl, the next girl, the next girl, the next girl, the next girl, the next girl, and all the ones after that

© 2015 The Mercury Saints; all rights reserved.

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