Where do you go when you hide from me?
Are there clouds there in the sky? Because you know I'd like that
But you don't let me in, and you never come out
And now I'm alone, it makes me kind of misty

Nobody knows the way back home every time
So I thought I could help you light the way
But my light was from a cigarette, and the smoke got in my eyes
So I got a little bit misty

My heart's on my sleeve every day now
And I can't breathe—it's a crime—you call to take my life away one more piece at a time
Fate falls like a candle and burns up everything that makes me want to cry
But I know you don't deserve it, so I just get misty

I drove past what used to be a restaurant you worked at before I even met you
And it wasn't the same branch, but it still made me sad
Time heals all wounds they say, but time will kill us all
Then I fall to my knees, pray I won't always be misty

© 2015 The Mercury Saints; all rights reserved.

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