Love Song

I don't know a thing about you
Just see you sitting on a bus
Precious jewel cased in a plastic seat
I think you and me should be an us

4,000 empty seats, I sit down next to you
Still you can't tell I'm trying to flirt
Maybe it's because I'm not dressed for the occasion
In my worn-out Droopy shirt

But it turns out you're the kind of girl who likes that
And I'm the kind of guy who likes you

I ask you out to lunch, and you say yes
And in that moment, I'm glad to be me
Lunch turns into 7 hours
Seems we can't get enough of each other's company

You talk about your favorite kinds of ice
And that's when I fall hard for you
Before you said it, I didn't know
That's a thing normal people do

Then I realize they don't
And that's why you're the girl for me

I still remember every time I held your hand or kissed your lips
But that goes away
Because memory is just the breath I hold inside
It needs refilling every day

I don't want to stop breathing
But your smell's still in my nose
And that's just another memory
But doesn't it serve to show

That my future is your past
Until you come home again

© 2015 The Mercury Saints; all rights reserved.

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