Hanging Tree

At the very best, I'm dead
At the worst, I'm just gonna have to live with it
Cut me down from this hanging tree
I'm at the end of my rope

If I made love to another woman
In what used to be our bed
Do you think I'd ever get to sleep at night
Or would I set that motherfucker ablaze just to ease my weary head?

So that's my story that never happened
Written down for all the world to hear
Let this be the only record, and after this
You don't exist, my dear

To quote the poet Elliott:
You're just somebody that I used to know
Just like God knew Lucifer
Before He sent His angel down below

Let all my sins be remembered
Let knowing you be the penalty I bear
Let all the suffering I create in your wake be freebies
I've paid more than double what's fair

There's no eternal sunshine for this spotted mind
There's no shelter from the storm
It's just like they say with butterflies:
Chaos comes in the prettiest of forms

But, oh, I've learned my lesson
I've learned all pain, it comes from happiness
So I'll stop trying to find joy
I'm sure existence must have some other purpose

And if I lose my reason
If I should fall for love with someone new
I want you to know you played an important role in that
I'll be looking for a girl exactly... the opposite of you

So I take a life I loved
Stick it on that hanging tree
If I'm lucky, it'll strangle

© 2015 The Mercury Saints; all rights reserved.

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