Games That Mortals Play

Moving out's not laced with tears
It's pretty much just having to move
Divided up our DVDs
While watching What I Like About You

It's not so much the dignified thing
I know I'll have to look back on someday
But is it ever when we're playing
The games that mortals play?

You say you want the TV set
But you've got no room for me
Pleasant dreams keeping warm at night
By the light from NBC

You want to live in a box, I can't stop you
It just doesn't quite feel like fate
What a shock to find we weren't immune
To the games that mortals play

Who knew the biggest thing
That ever happened to me would be
Just a simple matter where you split up some bills
And walk away forever?

Now it's over, you cut your hair
You probably bought some new clothes
You look like a new person, so you must be
I thought it'd be harder, but so it goes

If I'd have known some tattoos could save you
I'd have bought them so that you'd stay
I could have loved you the rest of my life
But that's just a game that mortals play
Is it love or the rest of our lives
Which is the game we foolish mortals play?

© 2015 The Mercury Saints; all rights reserved.

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