Between Here and Hell

The blister on my left palm
Is from opening my beer
And the blister on my right one
Will never appear

'Cause I see myself in every girl between here and hell
And I hope you can see it too
But on the off-chance you missed it—I'm sorry, couldn't resist it
Sent some photos to you

The trials and tribulations
Of the man I wanted to be
Are all just indications
Of my trite naivety

But it's just as well, just another death knell between here and hell
And, in truth, it's not so bad
It's not irony if it's expected to be; this life's just got the one joke in store for me
It's kinda sad

So now I'm moving forward
My life is just Plan B
And the world's a little poorer
Another good man's now deceased

Now I'm someone else, someone stumbled and fell between here and hell
But at least I see the relief leaves me free
It's so tiresome to be the decent one in this soul-sucking life where all the decency's done
Lucky me

© 2015 The Mercury Saints; all rights reserved.

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